Europe – Paris


So it’s 31 degrees in Maastricht, and it is frying hot I tell you, hotter than Dar es Salaam! I mean we were all complaining about the cold in Victoria and the initial cold when we first arrived here, but this heat is BRUTAL! My one regret is that I did no invest in a blender when I got here, smoothies right about now would be pretty much perfect. But according to the weather forecast it is to rain tomorrow, so we get to cool down. We head to Lima next month and I hear the weather there is going to be PERFECT! About 15-22 degrees, so looking forward to this. Now, onto other news. I visited Paris a few weeks ago and it was everything I thought it would be and even more! Continue reading

Taking Stock – II

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It has been a while since I last took a Taking Stock post. So I thought its about time I look back and in the moment to take note of what is happening. In other news, can I just say that the weather has been quite unpleasing. We left Canada while it was still cold, and we were expecting warmer spring weather in Europe, but alas! still cold. I go to Peru next, and apparently by the time we are there, its going to be their winter. Shucks for me. Better get onto bookmarking soup recipes on Pinterest!

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Europe – Frankfurt


I am currently in Europe on an exchange program for my masters program and one of the best perks has been the opportunity to travel. I have always loved travelling and I think I have had my share of travel in the past few years of my life. However, I had never been to Europe before, so as you can imagine as I was quite excited!

On the other hand, once I got here I quickly realised that it is very easy to get carried away with travelling. So at the moment, I have decided to travel a little but not forget my focus. I will definitely be back to Europe after this program, so no rush 🙂 So you guys, I am completely loving Europe! Each country is so different but they also have quite a few similarities. I am guessing that’s just the “European vibe”. I have to say that one of my favorite things about Europe is their apartment buildings. They are just so darn cute! I def prefer this style to all the others I have seen. Its a whole different world out here people!

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Around The 6ix I: Art Gallery Of Ontario


I have recently decided to start a series of “Around the 6ix” blog posts. The series will be dedicated to all the spots around Toronto that are worth a visit if you are new in town or if you are just an oldie that is looking for places to hang. This also gives myself an opportunity to get to know more of this beautiful city; and if you haven’t already guessed my first stop was the Art Gallery of Ontario. The gallery is gorgeous and there is so much to see! If you are one to appreciate art then you will definitely enjoy this space. I got the pictures to convince you 😉

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Recipe to Love


There seems to be so much competition out there these days, and people living by the motto “each man for himself”. We seem to be oblivious of the fact that we all go through the same things in this life. We are all trying to make it, but we all also face more or less the same challenges. Frustration over some sort of failure; buying that first home; trying to get into grad school; paying off your school loans; starting a business; identifying your purpose in life; going away on that much needed vacation; the list goes on and on.

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Unwinding with Nature


park 3

I have always had a love for the country side and being outside, getting personal with mother nature. I am so glad that even though I live in Toronto now, we still have a good number of parks and trails. The one next to where we live is gorgeous and over summer the green is stunning, the park runs down the Humber river, so the trickle of water as you walk down is just magical; It’s the little things in life people! Walking down or running through the trails is the perfect time for me to just unwind and get away from the buzz of my life. It’s really amazing what getting away for a few hours can do for you. Personally it really refreshes me and gives me an extra boost to go about my daily chores. If I am running, and i am drenched in sweat which equals calories burnt, then that’s even better. I never could run on the treadmill! I prefer the ground and the blur of landscape as i zoom by. “Zoom” HA

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